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Underwater Photography Equipment

Underwater Photography Equipment

There’s no way around it; underwater photography can be an expensive hobby. However, with only a couple of hundred dollars, you can get started on it. So whether you are purchasing your first compact or getting a dSLR, you would get information about the materials you need for underwater photography under this section.

This blog includes compact and dSLR cameras, lenses, underwater housing, strobes, arms, ports, TTL converters, fiber optic cords, focus lights and equipment costs.


Say you are on a budget of $200 for set up, you would first need to make a decision on where you would be spending your money.

  • You would first need to decide whether you are getting a dSLR camera or a compact. If unsure, get a dSLR camera and say it is stretching your budget, get the cheapest housing used housing and body you find, any strobe, and one good lens. However, if you have enough money to go the dSLR route, your next decision would be to decide whether to get a full frame sensor or get one with a cropped sensor.
  • Lenses are key to getting good photographs and are often the most critical choice you would make in underwater photography. Getting great lenses are essential to your camera system and when doing so, get a good macro lens and/or WA lens, depending on your preference. You should note that most manufacturers make great macro and wide angle lenses. A 60mm focal length is likely best for beginners while 100 or 105 mm lenses are best for more advanced photographers. Several other third party manufacturers make great lenses such as the Tokina 11-16mm or 10-17mm. These lenses last for an extended period of time without losing their value. For compact users, try an INON fisheye or WA lens, and stacked INON UCL-165 macro lens.
  • Purchase 1 or two good strobes, preferably 2, the best you can get. If you are only shooting macro, one would likely do. Strobes will also last you for long.
  • Ensure you have enough money left for underwater housing, ports and camera housing. Keep in mind that housing and camera bodies can depreciate quickly. Ideally, you should get a top-notch camera body, housing, and port within your budget.

If you are a compact user, you should purchase good cameras, and you can get an excellent compact camera for $99. If you would ever consider shooting ultra wide angle or super macro, ensure your camera and housing combination supports the add-on lens you may need.


  • Finally, you shouldn’t forget to protect your underwater equipment as this is the most important factor relating to the purchase of equipment.


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