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Skin Diving Safety Tips

Skin Diving Safety Tips

Skin diving is a great holiday alternative for children and people who are scared of Deep sea diving. Skin Diving is a convenient activity that requires less equipment and training.

Examples of Skin diving are underwater football, underwater rugby, underwater hockey, underwater target shooting, traditional fishing, spearfishing, synchronized swimming amongst others.

To stay safe while Skin driving, it is important that you take note of the following tips:

Wear Wetsuits: When Skin Diving, wetsuits will help you stay warm in cold water and also protect your skin from all types of sunburn.

Stay away from aquatic animals: When Skin Diving, you may end up seeing a lot of animals which you have never seen in real life and get tempted to touch them, this will mean putting yourself at the skin. Therefore it is advised that you avoid all forms of distractions and focus on the game.

Ensure there is someone to watch over the surface: It is better you split your groups into pairs while skin diving. While one person dives under the surface, the second person will be made to watch over him or her. This will help lend assistance should the Skin Diver runs into difficulty.

Ensure you know the area well: To be safe, try to familiarize yourself with the area where you will be Skin Diving and things that could make swimming difficult over there.

Take care of your ears: Due to the increased water pressure at a depth of the water, it is advised that you equalize your ear and mask to prevent damage and avoid discomfort. Water, as we all know is quite heavy and causes an increase in pressure when you are underneath. To balance your ear and cover, simply breathe out through your nose into the mask whenever you feel different around your nose

Try not to use your arm while under water: The key to enjoying skin diving is by relaxing and moving slowly, do not be in a rush. Remember that you are under the water and using your arm underwater makes you lose more energy and oxygen and makes you get tired of time.

Practice skin diving in a pool or calm water: Before you embark on Skin Diving, you can take out some time to practice how to skin dive in a swimming pool with little or no waves.

Always clear your mask: Your mask may quickly get flooded, it is advised that you clear your mask regularly. To clear your mask, just move your head back and hold the top of the mask on your forehead, breathe through your nose into the mask, and this will push out the water at the bottom of the mask.

Take care of your equipment: It is advised that you make use of equipment that fits you and makes you comfortable, such as a weight belt with a quick release button.



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