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Ship Wreck Diving and Amazing Ship Wreck Diving Spots in the World

Ship Wreck Diving and Amazing Ship Wreck Diving Spots in the World

Ever heard of ship wreck diving before? Ship wreck diving is a kind of scuba diving where the diving was mostly done on ship wrecks.  While shipwrecks are most commonly explored, scuba divers would also sometimes explore wrecks from aircrafts and artificial structures are explored. Ship wreck diving is recreational diving and is a continuously increasing trend.

Why is Ship Wreck Driving So Popular?

While ship wrecks are the most common dive sites, it’s a recent trend to scamper retired ships and turning it into artificial reef sites. Why exactly ship wreck dive quite a popular recreation today? Well there are several reasons why that is so. Reasons include:

  • The artificial reefs created for ship wreck diving can also serve as a habitat for different types of marine life.
  • Compared to floating, working vessels, many people finds wrecked ships more interesting to explore being large structures that have out of the ordinary parts and machinery.
  • Ship wreck diving also appeals to a lot of people because wrecks often have some tragic or exciting history.
  • Exploring ship wrecks also have cultural value as the wreck could have be a part of underwater cultural heritage. It could also be that the wrecks are important archaeological resource.

There are many different reasons that make ship wreck diving quite appealing to a lot of people. But before anyone can participate in ship wreck diving, scuba divers are all required to take some kind of training.

Some divers even engage in additional training before they dive in ship wrecks for safety and understanding of the procedures for this kind of diving. Wrecks may present a number of hazards to the divers and that makes it important to be prepared before actual diving.

Best Ship Wreck Diving Spots

There are many popular ship wreck diving spots in the world. Some are actually shipwrecks while others are artificial wrecks which were deliberately sunk in order to attract divers. Wrecks explored include vessels that were lost in disasters and structures from old wrecks and more. Some of the most popular ship wreck spots include;

  • Yongala, Australia

Said to be the world’s best wreck, it is full of life with countless marine life such as sea snakes, tiger sharks, bull sharks, manta rays, turtles, octopuses, fishes and striking corals. The wreck sank in a cycle back 1911 off the coast of Queensland with 122 people killed.

  • USAT Liberty, Indonesia

The Liberty can be found just 30 m offshore on a blank sand slope. The wreck is beautifully and completely encrusted with colored anemones, corals and gorgonians. The Liberty is pretty broken up but you can still many things from the ship like guns and boilers, etc.

  • Fujikawa Maru

The Fujikawa Maru is known to be a picture-perfect ship wreck. The wreck is covered with beautiful sea life and corals. The wreck has five holds and each offer some very exciting finds with the massive engine room being the highlight of the exploration.

Other popular ship wreck destinations include the USS Monitor, the German submarine U-352 and wrecks including USS Tarpon, USS Aeolus, USS Schurz, USSCGC Spar, USS Indra and USS Yancey. The world is simply full of amazing and beautiful wrecks for scuba divers to explore.

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