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The International Cave Diving Conference 

The International Cave Diving Conference 

Another fun and popular diving event is the International Cave Diving Conference. It is the most awaited event for those scuba divers who are looking for some sort of adrenaline rush. It is also a great opportunity for every avid scuba diver to be taught about the latest techniques that they can use under the water so as to have a much more enjoyable scuba diving experience.

This will be one of the most enjoyable events for the entire scuba diver community in the United States. The event is expected to be attended by a group of popular scuba divers who are ready to share their knowledge and skills to their fellow scuba divers. The Cave Diving Section of the Us National Speleological Society is the one that organizes the 2017 International Cave Diving Conference. The event is said to be held in the Lake City in the state of Florida.

The International Cave Diving Conference will be a 2-day event full of fun and new things to learn. This event is said to be held on the 2nd and 3rd days of June, 2017. The event comes with a special theme every year. For the 2017 International Cave Diving Conference, the theme will be “Cave Diving: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. This event will be attended by speakers who will discuss the history of cave diving, the recent happenings and the sport’s future.

The event will be attended by a number of highly respected individuals who will do the talking and discussion. One of them is the tri-mix inventor Lamar English & decompression sickness investigator and scientist named Dawn Kernagis. The attendees would also be giving instant access to the in-water demonstrations as well as try-dives that feature diver propulsion, rebreathers, lights, including some other cool gears. The conference could be raffling off not just hundreds but thousands of cash in prizes that include technical diving lights, and dive computers, plus many more.

Everyone is advised to stay tune to learn more about the International Cave Diving Conference. The organizers are encouraging everyone to take this special opportunity to enjoy and learn. Everybody is assured that they will be getting the best return for their valuable time.

How to Register for the International Cave Diving Conference:

The discounted pre-registration will include t-shirts and the tickets would be available until noon on May 1, 2017. After this cut-off, there would be discounted pre-registration tickets without t-shirt option that would be available until 4:00 PM (EST) on May 31, 2017. It would be followed by the tickets available for purchase in the door. The last date for the sale of t-shirts & commemorative tumblers is noon on May 1, 2017. Early registration via Evenbrite is also available and will last till 4:00 PM on May 31, 2017.

Do you have any questions in mind? The organizing body is inviting everyone to get in touch with them for any concerns they may have. They are expecting to be enticed to take part in this special event.


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