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The iBubble Underwater Camera

The iBubble Underwater Camera

Scuba diving has evolved tremendously in recent years, especially with more and more people becoming interested in the sport. The introduction of cameras to the underwater sport was no surprise with such breathtaking scenery to behold. Each year underwater cameras have taken steps to improve picture quality, ease of use and this continuous evolution has been fascinating.

Thanks to the team over at iBubble, divers can now explore new depths autonomously with their amazing diving drone.

This camera is built for diving enthusiasts who desire to see underwater through his or her googles without having to worry about having an extra lens. As a result of the difficulty involved in filming underwater, the iBubble team designed this unique camera which allows divers take shots with the GoPro where they could never have all with a compatible bracelet on the wrist.

The iBubble camera boasts a host of practical, helpful features and its hydronomic design means it can travel underwater conveniently and withstand currents of up to 3 knots. Also, it can reach depths of up to 60 meters which means you can dive pretty far with it. Whenever you have to set it free and take shots independently, the iBubble can stray as far as 25 meters away from you.

With its enhanced image filtering, an integrated obstacle avoidance system that works with sonar technology and a moving-subject tracking switch which enables it to capture a wide variety of underwater shots and subjects. It works with batteries so once you notice it has run down, you simply replace its battery pack and if it loses power during a dive, it simply resurfaces and allows you retrieve your diving camera at will.

The iBubble can even do some exploration automatically due to its remote control option which allows you scout certain areas before taking a dive. All you need do is set it up, and you can watch it go on its merry way.

The iBubble was designed by diver Kelvin Delfour and tech enthusiast Xavier Spengler both of whom desired a way to create quality submarine videos with minimal equipment, and thus, an autonomous camera which could follow and film divers underwater were born. The pair then turned to Startup Maker to help create the product. Early on in the development of the iBubble, Guillaume Nery was brought into the project to serve as the products brand ambassador. Guillaume is a freediving champion and filmmaker, and he has served as the brand’s ambassador since then.

Other features on the iBubble include 360˚ selfie, zoom in, zoom out and other filming modes which you can switch between with a touch of your bracelet. To get instant 2D and 3D videos, simply connect your camera to your iBubble, and it gets set up automatically, and thanks to integrated LED lights which adapt to ambient light levels, the iBubble captures quality video, always.


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