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The Great Northern Dive Show

The Great Northern Dive Show

 The Great Northern Dive Show was the new, monumentally different and energizing event that is above than any other dive shows or exhibitions in the United Kingdom. They have reinvented the way a show must be presented and for the 2nd year with now, any financial assistance from anybody, the organizers proudly present what’s going to be the greatest show ever.

Everyone is invited to come and then join the mermaids, beach, dinosaur, fire dancers, shark tooth dig together with different speakers from different walks of life. The Great Northern Dive Show 2017 was attended by Storm Troopers together with the World’s Biggest Aqua Theatre, so why should you not choose to be part of it? The Great Northern Dive Show was held on April 8 to 9, 2017 and the venue was the Event City in Manchester.

They have a new motto that they were very proud of and that is the passion is their drive and the ocean is their life force. The organizers of The Great Northern Dive Show are inviting everyone to join them in saving as well as in enjoying the oceans across the world. Everyone will be embraced by the water.

The Great Northern Dive Show is now in its second year and it was initially held in Manchester, particularly in the Northwest of the United Kingdom. Through the course of two days, more than 3,000 attendees got to see almost sixty exhibitors. It features tour operators, manufacturers, training agencies, dive centres, conservation groups and clubs in the exhibition centre close to one of the biggest shopping hubs in Europe. Ruth Mort, the organizer together with Duncan, her husband, worked hard so as to craft and produce a dive show which would bring in a different crowd than the normal, particularly people that will bring their loved ones together with something that everyone rarely sees in most dive shows.

The Great Northern Dive Show is said to be the most awaited dive show of the year. It is back in 2017 and the event promises to become even more enjoyable and bigger than the last season. With more guest speakers and more exhibitors and most definitely more attendees than the previous year, The Great Northern Dive Show is expected to be the premier dive show in the UK.

Why Should You Attend The Great Northern Dive Show?

There are many reasons for you why you should dream to be part of The Great Northern Dive Show. These reasons are as follows:

  • Exhibitors – The Great Northern Dive Show will be attended by a few of the popular names in scuba diving. The event was with a fabulous group of exhibitors in the previous year but The Great Northern Dive Show 2017 was made bigger and better than the last one.
  • Guest Speakers – this event will be attended by guest speakers from various disciplines and areas and they are bound to provide seminars and talks on various elements of scuba diving.
  • Special Guests – these people will be making some things a little different and the 2016 event was actually visited by Batman himself.

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