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Five Best Locations for Diving in Bali

Five Best Locations for Diving in Bali

Bali is one of the most recognized diving locations in the world with its warm temperature and a chilly water of about 29 degrees proving perfect for divers to enjoy the wonders underwater in Bali.

Bali has gained fame for divers across the world because of the many wonders which can be found underneath the dive locations in Bali. The best time for Bali Diving is usually between April and November. Underwater Bali allows you experience the quietness of nature while you see interesting underwater creatures like the Mantra Rays, the elusive Oceanic Sunfish, the Mola Mola, Sea Turtles, amongst others.



You should consider these diving sites in Bali if you want to explore the underwater beauty of this tropical island,


Located in part of West Bali National Park, Menjangan Island is one of the best sites for Bali Diving.   The island is covered by cold water and a coral garden with marine life.   Apart from its serene environment, the island also has a collection of shrine such as the Segara Giri Dharma Kencana Temple. It offers Bali Diving with excellent visibility throughout the year.


Located in East Bali, Tulamben is also a good centre for Bali Diving.  Divers have been drawn to this underwater site, primarily because of the USAT Libert Cargo shipwreck. The US Army shipwreck took place at Tulamben in 1942 when Japanese submarine torpedo hit it, and this eventually became a home to colourful tropical fishes.


AMED is a perfect site for Bali Diving. It is known for its black sand beach and its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The beach was once known for its beautiful underwater trove before it became one of the favourite centres for Bali Diving


Among the most fantastic sites for diving in Bali is Crystal Bay. It also offers a rugged landscape and waters that have amazing dive sports. The best time to Dive here is during August and October when the visibility is excellent. Another thing that attracts divers all over the world to this site is the chance to see a mola-mola (the giant sunfish)


Another sport for diving is Eel Garden also located at Menjangan Island. The site here is unbelievable. Diving starts near a wall covered with soft coral frog and scorpion fish hiding and continues to a large sandy bottom populated by a garden eel. To finish diving, you need to explore a coral garden filled with clown fish.


Before going for diving in Bali, do take note of the following:

  • Always wear a 3mm short or a full-length suit for diving
  • It is better to go for the cheapest dive center.
  • Always try to ask questions before making your choice
  • Find a dive center where you will pay a bit more and feel comfortable with your divemaster
  • The worst season for Bali Diving is from December to February due to torrential rains that fall at that time.
  • The best diving season in Bali is from May to November
  • If you want to see Manta Rays the best times is April and May
  • The best time to have a sight of the famous Mola Mola fish is from August to October

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