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Easy Steps to Becoming a Great Diver

Easy Steps to Becoming a  Great Diver

Being a great diver is more than just passing your first open water course. It’s not even about passing the next course, or the one after that; some great divers stop after just a couple of qualifications. And while spending time in the water is certainly going to improve your diving skills, being a great diver is more than just logging dive after dive. You might have 50 dives, 100 maybe, or even upwards of 200 – but it’s possible to have many dives in your logbook and still not really understand what it takes to become a safe,
skilled diver. Like with most worthwhile activities, diving takes time, effort, and practice, but making that transformation from ‘good’ to great can be made simple with a few easy steps.

Great divers are respectful
Being a great diver is very much the same as being a great person; usually they are respectful, caring, and modest. A really great diver knows how difficult and dangerous diving can be, so they listen carefully to briefings. They respect how hard their dive professionals work, and pay close attention to them both above and below water. They have a deep respect for the ocean, and work hard on their skills to make sure they don’t damage aquatic life. They know that there’s always something more to learn.

Great divers do their research
Ever heard the phrase, “all the gear and no idea”? Just because a diver has all the latest underwater bells and whistles, doesn’t make them great! There’s no point having the latest computer if you don’t know how it works. Take your time before investing in your own kit to figure out what’s right for you, and don’t buy it all on the internet – go to to your local dive shop to try some kit on and ask for recommendations. See below about asking for advice!

Great divers ask for advice
So it’s been a while since you’ve last dived and suddenly it all seems a bit overwhelming even before you’ve jumped in: putting your gear together, getting into a wetsuit, the buddy check. Want to be a great diver? Ask your dive professional to talk you through whatever you’re unsure of. No instructor or divemaster is ever going to mind helping you put your gear together, but struggling on alone and putting your BCD on the tank backwards will make them wonder about your capabilities in the water.

Great divers keep their skills fresh
Like anything else, diving takes practice. Perfect trim and buoyancy come with time spent in the water, as well as an active effort to get better and better. Don’t get lazy because you’ve hit triple figures in your dive log: you can always aim to improve somewhere, be it trim, air consumption, using fewer weights, or even downsizing to a smaller tank.

And finally…

Great divers help each other out
Being a great diver is about more than having perfect trim and all the know-how. If you see someone in your club or dive group who’s struggling, ask them how you can help them. If you can’t, then put them in touch with someone you know who can. Offer to practice skills together, and if you’ve got some golden advice you’ve taken away from your own dive courses and instructors, then share! In the end, great divers want everyone to love being underwater as much as they do

About The Author

Elizabeth Wilkie

Originally from the UK, Liz Wilkie has been working and diving her way around Asia, Australia, and Europe since 2010, and is currently a PADI MSDT in Cyprus. She's trained in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and teaches the English Language during the off-seasons. You can find out more on Elizabeth's personal website and LinkedIn profile linked below.

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