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Check out XS Scuba’s Switch Mask

Check out XS Scuba’s Switch Mask

Lens filters are used by underwater photographers to improve the colors in their videos dramatically, and until now, those filters could see better than the human eye.

Well, today, the folks at XS Scuba have come up with technology to help divers see better: the new SWITCH mask provides divers with an opportunity to drop filters in front of their lens to enhance how they see underwater. These lenses come in different types that can be used as conditions dictate. Specifically, the SWITCH lens comes in five filters: magenta, red, amber, tinted and opaque black.

The magenta filter turns green water blue

The red filter can be used in blue water to remove blue light and thereby to enhance all colors on the reef

The amber filter can be used early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is about setting. It makes everything brighter and allows you see further through the water.

The tinted filter is ideal for swimming during sunny days as it filters out UVA and UVB radiation which may cause awkward reflection on the surface of the water.

Also, there’s an opaque black filter which is available for black-water training.

There’s also a custom caddy which goes with the SWITCH and allows you take your filters with you on your dive.

The mask sells for $100 while the lens filter sells for $25.

Some additional features of the SWITCH mask include:

  • A comfortable silicone mask strap with a wide head to keep the mask firmly in place
  • A hypoallergenic silicone surface with double feather-edged sealing surface
  • Frame and lens filters which are made of sturdy polycarbonate material
  • Quick connect buckles with easy ratcheting adjustment
  • Low volume for easy clearing

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