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Who is PADI?

Who is PADI?

What PADI offers

If you have been wondering how to learn more about diving, either out of interest or in a bid to acquire professional skills, PADI is one organization that you need.  Professional Association of Diving Instructors, is the largest scuba divers’ training organization. PADI puts all you need to know about diving together in one place.

What is PADI?

PADI is a professional organization that provides basic diving and professional training and certifications. PADI worldwide is a private corporation active in 138 countries. There are over 6,400 PADI resorts and dive centres with over 133,000 professional PADI divers.

PADI ensures that students get the needed training and experience under the safest environment. Although PADI members can set up private businesses, their activities are, however, regulated by rules set by PADI Worldwide.

PADI also issues professional certifications to students on satisfactory completion of professional courses. PADI professionals have issued over 25 million certifications worldwide combining education, equipment, experience, and environmental conservation.

What courses are available on PADI?

PADI provides a variety of courses with different modes of learning. Some of the courses involve heavy practice and experience while others can be done online. The courses PADI offers cover everything, from theoretical knowledge about diving to professional advanced level training. Some of PADI courses are open to 10-year-olds and above with no prior knowledge of scuba diving.

The basic scuba diving courses PADI offers are Open Water Diver, Adventure Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, and the elite Master Scuba Diver. Each of these courses comes with a certification.

These courses offer the basic scuba diving certification, skills required for adventure under water, and advanced skills that are required for rescue operations. There are specific dive rounds that must be completed to acquire the certification that comes with every course. The elite PADI Master Scuba Diver course is a course for professionals with top skills and experience.

PADI also offer specialty courses for professionals interested in learning any of the diving specialties. These courses include night diver, diving videographer, and altitude diver amongst many more courses.

PADI also offers technical courses that teach technical aspects of scuba diving such as Tec Trimix Instructor and Tech Deep Instructor.

PADI Pro and Professional courses are also available. These courses certify professionals as PADI instructors and assistant instructors.

The options available on PADI are numerous. As mentioned earlier, PADI puts together all you need to know about scuba diving. There are even courses designed for teens and youths. PADI learning materials are available in over 25 languages accommodating international training. PADI also provides certification renewal services.

The nature of training PADI offers is centred around the students to ensure maximum acquisition of skills and knowledge. Most of the training is very hands-on.

PADI is literally that one-stop shop for everything scuba diving. If you intend to earn scuba diving and have not heard about PADI; then, you are probably doing your findings wrong.

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